Gaming Mouse – Why Exactly You Need One?

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gaming mouseEver wonder why gamers at all levels be it casual to competitive use a gaming mouse? If you are into playing video games on your state of the art PC, then you would definitely want to have the a mouse that  would perform consistently, correct? Then if that is the case, join me and let us see why exactly is you will need a gaming mouse!

esports best gaming mouseMouse are an extension of your arm and comfort is important. Without being comfortable with your mouse, gamers may miss important skill shots which may very well mean a loss at high levels of competitive plays. The last thing a gamer ever want is to stop playing due to discomfort. This will affect the performance and duration of the gaming session.


  • best gaming mouseConsistent performance of a mouse which is so important. The mouse sensor tracking, the mouse clicks, the weight of the mouse and the quality mouse feet forms the best gaming experience you will ever have. Doesn`t all gaming mouse looks slick and cool?
  • For players looking to improve their game, the mouse must be performing consistently so that the gamer knows it`s their skill and not the hardware that affected their performance. Can you imagine playing badly as a result of using a low quality mouse? Yea I know that feeling…

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    The rage is real!

  • best gaming mouseWhen you are playing online and against other players from the globe, you will definitely need the best gaming mouse there is in the industry. First of all, the perfect gaming mouse must have great speed and precision. These two qualities have been proven by the most expert players from around the world and having this kind of mouse will definitely make your gaming skills much more powerful!
  • best gaming mouseThese two main qualities differ greatly between a normal everyday mice compared to an extreme gaming mouse! The speed of a mouse is usually measured by the time between updates, as to its own state, to your very own PC, which is also called the response time. For the gaming mouse, it should be 1ms. The most important is precision and the precision of a true gaming mouse should be able to adjust settings such as dpi, lift of distance, enable/disable acceleration, bind hotkeys on mouse buttons etc.. If the mouse that you are using does not match the requirements above, then throw it out the window and go buy a new one!
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    Top Grips used by pro gamers

    There are different designs for the gaming mouse namely ergonomic and ambidextrous. You have the much smaller rounder mice which are intended to be used with your fingers (claw grip) and then you have the larger flatter and more ergonomic mice which are designed for you to rest the palm of your hand (Palm grip). You should always get a gaming mouse that is dependent on your hand size and grip style.




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